What you MUST do if a trip shows ‘Out of Stock’ ?



  1. When the trip shows ‘out of stock’ = the trip is fully booked at the moment but more seats might still be added in case someone cancels their booking or a bigger bus (and rooms) are arranged.
  2. When the trip shows availability but when you select a specific boarding point then it shows ‘out of stock’ = no seats available from the selected boarding point. It is still possible to join the trip from other available locations.
  3. When the trip shows availability but when you select ‘separate room’ option then it shows ‘out of stock’ = no separate room available with our partner hotel, you may still book with  shared room option.
  4. When the trip was visible on our website but now you can’t see it anymore = the trip is no more open for further bookings.


If you want to be considered for the waiting list for any ‘Out of Stock’ trip, simply send us an email with your contact number, place of boarding as well as total seats required. Please do not call or WhatsApp in this regard. If we can accommodate you then we will contact you ourselves. Please note that most of See-EU trips get fully booked much earlier than the announced deadlines. If you wait until the week of the trip itself you might not be able to get any place.


Our Trip Info pages give all relevant details about that specific trip whereas the FAQ section of our website addresses almost all your general questions about our trips. We heartily thank you for reading this carefully.

JAI HIND and See-EU soon !

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