For all Indian Organizations, Companies, Events, Groups… In BeNeLux

Having several years’ experience of sending thousands of smiles and life-time memories back to our Motherland, with our true ambassadors : YOU. We are proud that we could successfully replace the usual ‘traveler-tour operator’ feeling to the ‘guests-family’ bonding and created a little See-EU Indian family, in the heart of Europe.


We know that our Indian family’s expectations from us are ever growing and Team See-EU shall keep endeavoring to address them, as always. Hence, this info page is for all Indian Organizations, all companies with significant number of Indians as on-site or local staff, all language/religion/profession based Indian communities in BeNeLux Region. Hereunder we are mentioning a few opportunities for all Indian diaspora here so that we can share the potentials of each other, for each other.


Contact us by E-mail at if  …

  • You are having a considerable number of people who would like to go for a customized bus trip to any destination in Europe, for example, if you have a Telugu speaking group, we would provide Telugu speaking Tour Manager, Telugu Movies on board, Telugu specialized food and so on. We care for all of you so we will offer you customized trip as per your linguistic/regional/religious/professional expectations.
  • You are organizing an event where you expect or would like to attract more people from various parts of Belgium, Luxembourg or the Netherlands
  • You are having a meeting/event/group arrival etc. where you require only transportation by bus
  • You want to collaborate with Team See-EU for any of your events for/of/with Indian diaspora since one mailing from us reaches more than 12000 Indians and one post on our Facebook Group addresses around 10000 members.

Please let us know if you have more ideas in this direction and we shall add them here… BECAUSE UNITED WE GROW !!

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