Why See-EU trips are safe during COVID-19 ?

Since it’s inception, See-EU has three principles mentioned in our logo where your safety always comes first. We are explaining here how See-EU Team is committed to show Europe to you in a SAFE, ECONOMIC & FRIENDLY way even during the pandemic.


  1. Updated implementation of safety guidelines : We are keeping ourselves updated on daily basis about the current pandemic situation and implementing the continuously evolving guidelines + travel advisory by the Belgian Security Council as well as the authorities of our destination countries.
  2. Trips to safe destinations only :  See-EU is not organizing trips to any places where you must be quarantined at the destination or after your return to Belgium. We must take some extra precautions and increased vigilance against COVID-19 at some destinations which our Tour Managers shall inform you when required.
  3. Announcing trips for next 3 weeks : Since the situation about COVID-19 is evolving and changing rapidly therefore we are not announcing trips beyond next 3 weeks. This will help us keep yours and our planning crisp and clear in case the situation changes at our destination. Due to this reason we strongly advise you to book your seat ASAP for the destination that you see on our website because if the situation changes there, we might not be able to go there anymore for unknown period of time. The sooner you book, the better for you to mark the destination off your bucket list.
  4. Your Financial Security : Some companies are holding the amount and giving some guarantees or vouchers to be used in future but we know how annoying it can be to get your money blocked for unknown period. Therefore, since the beginning it stays in our ‘terms and conditions’ that if for any reason we postpone or cancel any trip, you get 100% amount refunded to you.  So you may book without any worries to lose anything should the trip is postponed or cancelled by us because we refund your full amount within one week of your request to refund. TIP: Some of you keep waiting till the deadline for booking without realizing that it is on the deadline itself we must decide & inform all our partners whether the trip is going or not. You may understand that we cannot send a 50 seater bus for 5 or 10 persons only and on the deadline we cannot know that you are still planning to book, so we simply have no choice than cancelling or postponing the trip. This situation is not liked by anyone, our guests who booked to go, you who still plan to go, we who planned everything for the trip and all our partners who expect the group. So, especially during this special scenario, we request you to book your seats in advance of the announced deadlines.
  5. Your Safety in our buses : See-EU is following all the safety regulations as prescribed by the Belgian government for buses. These are only a few of those measures that you might not get while travelling by vans, cars or buses usually :
    • Corona Spotlight Air-Conditioning System (see the image how it works in our buses)
    • Frequent Sanitization of the whole bus
    • Participants only with valid full vaccination certificate
    • Face mask obligation (whenever obligatory)
    • Protected drivers and Tour Leaders (Our drivers as well as tour leaders are all fully vaccinated.)
    • Capacity Adaptation in the bus (If our buses are even passing through orange or red zone areas for going to green zone destination, we are adapting the seating in our buses as per the guidelines of the government)
  6. Easy on your pocket : Thanks to our subsidy pool amount and the subsidies+guarantees we received from the government that we are still able to keep the same prices for our trips even if we are running half capacity in the buses when we have to pass any orange or red zone in order to reach the green zone destination. This fulfills also our second foundation stone to keep our trips economic and easy on your pocket.
  7. Your Safety with our partners : We are having several years long and strong partnerships with hotels, ticket vendors, Indian restaurants, attractions etc and all of them are following strongest possible precautions against COVID-19 as per the instructions by the local bodies of their region.
  8. Lesser hassles on the borders : Being a known frequent carrier to various destinations and due to implementation of regulations against COVID-19 scrupulously by us and our guests, we face lesser hassles if in case there is any control on borders within Schengen zone countries.


We hope we could address most of your doubts about travelling with See-EU during the pandemic situation. If you still have any specific questions, please write us at See-EU@Live.be

We thank you for your incessant support to our efforts and See-EU soon !!